A Traumatic History

A riveting read about PTSD, anxiety and bipolar issues.

"I am a Vietnam infantry vet who has dealt with PTSD and counseled other vets, however I also have family members who are in their thirties who have been contending with anxiety and bipolar issues that I never fully understood until I read this book. Barclay’s anxiety issues are very real and for which he has had to contend with since his early teens. I admire the fact that he sought help and most importantly that he came to accept his condition and himself to the point where he was able to make significant progress in his life, both academically, physically, socially, in all dimensions really. I never truly understood what people with these “real and persistent anxiety issues” have had to deal with. Now I do. I admire the honesty of Barclay in his writing and the book was riveting from beginning to end. This book is worth reading for everyone, for most all of us know someone, oftentimes a family member, who is dealing with these issues and I have certainly become more sensitive and understanding after reading this book."
A. T. Lawrence

A Courageous Journey

"This book provides the best description of PTSD that I have ever read. It is also the best true story that I have ever read. It reads like good fiction combined with a real mystery. I coudn't put it down. Barclay chronicles his journey from childhood through a difficult adolescence to adulthood. It is written so vividly that I cried through the first half of the book. It is only when he is prescribed, not just once, but twice, with antidepressants that his real journey into hell begins. To Barclay's credit, he sought help from every possible source . But mostly he is to be credited with an exceptionally bright mind and curiosity that prompted him to doggedly read and pursue and eventually figure out his own diagnosis. However, that was not the end of his journey. It was through determination and hard hard work that he was finally able to start finding his way back to normalcy. Of course this is a good book for anyone with PTSD, but also for those who deal with anxiety and depression. Knowing so many people who take antidepressants, It prompted me to do a little reading about them, and I am surprised at how little support there is in medical research (not pharmaceutical) for the efficacy of their use. Read Barclay's book. It will open your eyes."
J. Gibbs

I would strongly recommend this book to be added to middle and high ...

"As a retired teacher, I would strongly recommend this book to be added to middle and high school libraries. It is written in a style that would resonate, I believe, with students who have struggled,or who have friends who have struggled, with the same or similar issues that Mr. Neel describes. If it only helped one student in your school it would be well worth having it on the shelves. Congratulations to the author for caring enough to write the book."

This book will not disappoint!

"This book is a must read. As Barclay well depicts we all endure tragedies in our lives and need support. This compelling life story is one that is relatable and appropriate for all men and women. I read the book in 4 days and would suggest you do the same. Lastly, let me say that the book although written about a very serious matter does have some very humorous portions which do not detract from its purpose. Please read. - Daniel P. Norris LICSW/MBA and also one who struggled with PTSD."
D. Norris

Highly Recommend.

"What a fascinating story! I read the book in 3 days, and had a hard time putting it down. Barclay is a gifted writer, and is able to describe his events with such detail and insight, and humor too! This would be helpful to anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, or PTSD."

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